My friend, the writer Bonnie Zobell, author of an excellent book called The Whack-Job Girls (Monkey Puzzle Press), talked to me about the stories in Quarry Light.  Here is the interview: 

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Quarry Light on sale!

My book is on sale today at Magic Helicopter Press - half off!  Marked down from $14 to $7. 

 Quarry Light on sale

Quarry Light Reviewed at Sundog Lit Blog

Justin Brouckaert reviews Quarry Light at Sundog Lit Blog

"Smith is a confident and patient storyteller. There are no broad strokes in her writing—her stories are truly built sentence by sentence, each one packed with insights and wonders that complicate her characters in lovely ways. Nothing is ever so simple as it appears, and Smith is a master of inhabiting nuance, showing everything we can learn from small looks and gestures. It seems, at times, that she takes some of the qualities that make her flash fiction successful—concision and compression and voice—and incorporates them in her much longer pieces. And they are successful, indeed."

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My review of Ravi Mangla's Understudies is online now at Necessary Fiction

Sky Is A Well reviewed

My first collection, The Sky Is A Well, just received a lovely review @ FlashFiction

beautiful review at Necessary Fiction

"But the real innovation in Quarry Light is the poise with which Smith transfers the pathos and haunting imagery of flash fiction into the longer forms; Smith’s collection is not merely a poignant object lesson in the inscrutability of human relationships, but a visionary example of how the lyrical eye of the flash form can renew, with sentiment and gravity alike, short fiction’s traditional forms."

Patrick Thomas Henry reviews QUARRY LIGHT

interviewed @ FlashFiction

Tiffany Sumner  interviews me at FlashFiction

The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review

Bonnie Zobell  is profiled at the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review and recommends QUARRY LIGHT.  Take a look!